Our mission - Roxy Mobility

AUGUST 21, 2021

our-mission Roxy Mobility
Our mission is not just to offer shared micro-mobility vehicles to the public, but rather to improve the situation of our environment and the way we move around.

What are the environmental issues that Roxy is here to stop.

A lot of countries all around the world are suffering over congestion and traffic. These negatives are exepetionally felt in big cities but at the same time does exist in smaller cities. These inconveniences could mostly be contributed to the over consuption of the cars. For the following reasons: 
1- most cars are parked 90% of the time taking big space without much value added
2- 70% of our daily commute are between the short mile range (upto 4 miles per trip)
3- some cities have as much as 4 parking places for every car in the city
4- cars are heavy objets that cause a lot of pollution with keeping in ride that most car rides are with 1 or 2 users only.

Why we don't out source our operations

We made the decision to not out source our operations (unlike other operators), to maintain quality and sustainbilty for the service and our users. Letting third party individuals recharge our vehicles would jeoprodize our quality and would not qurantee a 100% emission free operations. At Roxy Mobility, all our operations are done using emmision free vehicles, ranging from; e-bikes, cargo e-bikes, and e-vans. Roxy Mobility is committed to maintaing the best sustainable and climate neutral alternative to carry all of our operations.

Roxy position in the Mobility industry

Roxy as  a service is here to serve the people and give them more sustainable and convinient solutions to move around  their city free of traffic and pollution. Roxy acts to compliment the existing public transportation infrastucture, these is done in the following ways:
1- Roxy works with public transportation authorities to build strategic plans to boost the use of public transportation in the city with the assistance of roxy mobilities vehicles.
2- Roxy sets some of their vehicles next to public transportation stops with  accorance to the city’s approval and guide lines to encourage the use of both services as a complete mode of transport.

New Collection

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