Move Freely

Roxy shared electric scooter offers you the opportunity to move around your city freely and conveniently. Download the Roxy app and get going.

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Home Roxy Mobility

Need a ride? Roxy has your back.

A big part of Roxy's plan is to offer zero-emission services. Our operations are carried out 100% with climate-friendly vehicles. Our mission is to guarantee a livable and sustainable future for our cities.

Need a ride? Roxy has your back.

Home Roxy Mobility

All Day & All Night

The Roxy e-scooters are available all day long.
Enjoy your ride at any time.

Home Roxy Mobility

Sustainable & Convenient

Move conveniently. Leave traffic and pollution behind.

Home Roxy Mobility

Enabling urban freedom

An opportunity to move forward freely with the Roxy e-scooter and other transport services.

Safety comes first

We have designed our operations and service to ensure the safety of our users and non-users. The Roxy Rules ensure everyone's safety through thoughtful instructions.

Green electricity

Home Roxy Mobility
Home Roxy Mobility


Roxy goal is to offer a clean environment and this is why all our operations are carried 100% emission free. We use one of the best vehicles in terms of quality to ensure sustainability and safety.

World Class Service

We work with one of the best software providers to ensure the best service. Additionally, all of our operations are 100% performed by us to ensure a world-class service.

Looking for any help?

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us by email or simply fill out the contact form

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