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We offer diverse pricing plans to suit your needs depending on your specific situation. From our default plan to our Roxy Passes. Scroll down to see our interesting offers and pick the right one for you.

 Roxy Mobility

Try our 30-day Roxy Passes

 Roxy Mobility

30 Day Roxy Passes

These are our most popular and attractive offers. By buying these offers you save up to 94% compared to our standard tariff.

We have 4 Roxy 30 Day Pass Plans:

💎 30-day Platinum Pass: 300 free rides for 99,99 EUR

🥇 30-day Gold Pass: 120 free rides for 49,99 EUR

🥈 30-day Silver Pass: 60 free rides for 39,99 EUR

🥉 30-day Bronze Pass: 30 free rides for 29,99 EUR

Be sure to check out our Promo section on the Roxy app to buy one of these promos.

Our pricing plans

 Roxy Mobility

Roxy Passes

Get 20 minutes free ride time per ride, we have Roxy Passes for 1 day, 7 days and 30 days.

Roxy passes are offered for:

  • 1 Day Roxy Pass: 5 free rides for 9.99 EUR (you save +50%)
  • 7 days Roxy Pass: 20 free rides for 24.99 EUR (you save +70%)
  • 30 Tage Roxy Pässe:

💎 Platinum Pass: 300 free rides for 99.99 EUR (you save +92%)

🥇Gold Pass: 120 free rides for 49.99 (you save +90%)

🥈 Silver Pass: 60 free rides for 39.99 EUR (you save +84%)

🥉Bronze Pass: 30 free rides for 29.99 EUR (you save +70%)

 Roxy Mobility

Roxy “Just Ride” plan

This is our default plan

1 EUR for Unlocking the Roxy E-Scooter and 17 cents per minute.

 Roxy Mobility

Roxy Free Unlimited Unlocks

This plan gives you unlimited free unlocks (which normally cost 1 EUR each) of the Roxy E-Scooter for the entire validity period of the offer. Our offer:


  • 30 Day Unlimited Free Unlocks: 7.99 EUR

 Roxy Mobility
 Roxy Mobility
 Roxy Mobility

Don’t forget to apply your promo before every ride

It’s important to know that after purchasing the promo you would need to apply it before starting every ride. We have this option in place to give you the opportunity to select which purchased promo would you like to apply for this specific ride.

 Roxy Mobility